We could reach far beyond what we are if only we grow in our natural habitat. What should we be free from, is it fear, doubt, society, low self-esteem or personal “demons”? You are what you are, an extinct consciousness. Break free and live.

The egg was a hard place to start a life

I became the little bird who wanted to fly

I spread my wings and let the wind take me away

My feathers grew stronger, and I was ready to soar

A moment of apprehension

When my visions meet my expectations

I will become the next captain of the sky

I will feel the world beneath as I soar high

This dream has been beautiful so far

As I leap towards the cursory wait

This faith has come alive

I will be reborn, as I wander afar

The egg wasn’t the hardest place to start a life

I’m the little bird that will never fly

I spread my wings but there’s no wind in sight

When my feathers grow, will I ever know flight?

A moment I could only imagine

When visions are erased by extinctions

I will someday become the captain of the sky

If my cage would be opened so I could fly


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