In these recent times especially, many could use some positive words. However, one can’t fail to recognize what holds the balance between happiness and sadness. We must realize the truth, that happiness is not the absence of pain but the ability and determination to hope for a brighter future. Regardless of the out come, the choice remains yours.

I could choose the easy way out, but the easy way is more destructive.
I place my present predicament as a frailty on my own part.
To push beyond my desire is just a thought.
To make my hopes reach for the sky, so it lifts me up is the same desire.

A word is spoken within, putting blame on myself.
I am above who I am, is the contradiction that is stirring the conflict within.
Where hope are diminished, the little peephole is always there for a glimpse of better things.
I forge tomorrow as today battles my decision for better days.
I realize now that time and self are my only true friends and enemies.



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