This is a miniseries, it’s the stories told by a bar attender. It’s takes you through a journey as he encounters different people who share their life experiences and stories

Episode 7

Boy Jones

It has been four days since Calandre got shot, and I must say it was such a relief when the doctor told me she was going to be fine. The other day she opened her eyes as I walked into the room and said, “hey Pete”, with a smile. Who could have known someone will mean so much to me within a short period of time? She might have to stay in the hospital for another three weeks.

I find myself visiting the police station very often in the past days, I’m eager to get an update if any arrests have been made. I guess I just need an explanation from the masked man why he had to shoot my Calandre.

The other day, Larry came over at noon, he was unusually early. I asked him what was wrong, because it was not in his character to be seen in the daytime.

“I came to help you in place of Calandre. I figured you may need the help now you are alone.” Larry said.

Honestly, it felt like a miracle. People do really show up when you least expect them, especially good and loyal friends. By the way, Larry didn’t get that birthday party we planned.

Later that night, two police officers who usually came over for some drinks at the bar when they were off duty were present that evening. As they sat there drinking and talking about what happened with myself and Calandre, one of them brought up the story about Boy Jones. It’s a short one, but I’ll tell it.

I must say, I don’t know what his real name is, but there’s Jones in it, that I’m very well sure of. He is not a young man as his name suggest, but he was still quite young when he earned the name. An extremely popular guy for the wrong things, there is no policeman who don’t know his home or his family.

There was a time he got bailed from the station every single day in an entire week. How’s that for a record? Boy Jones got into an argument with literally everyone I know. He fought with Larry and Larry’s ex-wife back then over payment, for some job he didn’t complete. He broke Irish’s car windscreen, because he refused to take his case in court.

Boy Jones also beat up Racheal’s boyfriend over a stereo. And the most appalling behavior I witnessed was, one evening just outside the bar. Stu had come over to show us his new truck when Boy Jones came charging in. We did manage to hold him back and tried to understand what was going on. Apparently, it was over a woman. It was Boy Jones girlfriend who is now married to Stu.

She had dumped him for Stu because he had more money. That was according to Boy Jones testament. We talked to him to let it go and he became calm. It was alright until Stu said something stupid.

“Next time if you must keep a lady, get some money and clean up your life. Crack head.” Stu said, as he laughed mockingly.

Nobody saw what was coming. I bet if Stu knew what would happen, he would have kept his mouth shut. An aggrieved Boy Jones brought out a gun and shot Stu on his butt cheek. Stu fell on the floor screaming and crying.

The next day, at about 4 pm, Boy Jones was at the bar sitting in the corner having a drink. He still owes me for that drink, just saying. The police came in and one of the policemen stood next to him with a handcuff in his hand. Boy Jones didn’t resist or fight, he stood up quietly and left with them. On his way out, he looked at me and smiled.

Stu is still limping from that wound, and now everyone forgot about that crazy troublesome man, until today. Sometimes certain things bring back forgotten memories. I wonder when next I will see Boy Jones.

Episode 8 Next.

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